Ideal for migrants who are thinking of starting a new business or have recently set-up a new business (within the last few years) in the Kaipatiki area.

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our support is greatly appreciated and contributes towards the provision of Hearts & Minds essential services:

Building Resilience Programme:

Mental wellbeing courses and workshops – free with a doctors referral

Community and Health Navigation:

Including the Directory of Support Services – 400 services at your fingertips

The Community Volunteer Centre:

Supporting individuals and strengthening agencies through volunteering

Strengthening Families:

Coordinating support for vulnerable families to achieve their potential

Community Development:

Hearing and acting on the community voice to build healthy, strong, inclusive communities – developing and delivering responsive intiatives

Benefits of Membership

  • A recruitment and referral service of potential volunteers to your organisation or group
  • An advice service for development of your organisation’s volunteering programme (2 hours free consultation - used within 6 months of registration)
  • Networking opportunities A quarterly newsletter – keep up-to-date with the
  • work Hearts & Minds is doing in your community A 20% discount for any Hearts & Minds Course and Workshop
  • Free entry and copy of the Directory of Support Services – contains over 400 support services, across health and community sectors
  • Invitations to participate in local community events to enhance and promote community, mental wellbeing and diversity

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